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Why Us

To Exchange app reviews among developers Community

How It Works

Give A Review-Get a Review.


  • Sign in with your Gmail account.

  • Add your app package Id or URL from play store and Submit

  • RiseMyApp works on Mutual Review Exchange(One-to-One Review Exchange)

  • Once you submit your app, you will get Partner Apps List.Give Review to your Partner Apps,You Partner will give review to your Apps in return within 3 days.

  • Give a positive and honest review, review must be meaningful(Check RiseMyApp Guidelines)

  • If your Partner does not review back to your app within 3 days,his/her app will be visible in Revert Back List of your Account.You can revert your reviews.

  • The same rules are applied to you when you does not review to apps in Partner List and confirm your reviews in Review Confirm List.

  • For better visibility of your app login atleast once daily and clear your balance reviews.

  • It's simple, Give review and get review.

RiseMyApp Guidelines

  • Give a Relavant and Meaningful review for your apps in Partner List

  • Your App must be available WorldWide.

  • Better to maintain new Gmail Account other than Developer's Account

  • The purpose of is to exchange honest reviews between developers.

  • After downloading the app, write reviews only after some minutes.

  • Don�t give 5 star rating and same comment to all the apps you are reviewing.

  • If you feel to write a review of 1 or 2 stars, simple ignore and don�t give review.

  • Keep the app for at least 24 hours.

  • Don�t reivew more than 10 apps/day from same device in play store.

How You Benifit

Our Moto:Give A Review-Get A Review.

Good Rating

Get genuine reviews and ratings for your app which automatically intends to rise your app in playstore.

Increase Downloads

RiseMyApp provides a platform to focus your app among Android developers community to Exchange App Reviews.The more you are active in this site the more downloads you get.

Get Sucess

Get Sucess of your app for zero budjet marketting technique that is RiseMyApp.Come on Developers lets exchange App reviews


RiseMyApp provides a platform for Indie Developers to exchange reviews easily with zero budget.Developers can get free organic installs, ratings ,feedback and free promotion for their apps from all over the world.RiseMyApp is a Free app review exchange service provider.
RiseMyApp gives priority to active users,who will actively participate in giving and confirming reviews to their Partner apps.RiseMyApp suggest more apps to active participants,So in return you will get reviews for your app.So,your app gets more views and downloads.So,promotion of your app is in your hand only.
When you give review to your Partner Apps,if Google update the review at the sametime RiseMyApp Algorithm Checks you have given review and gives Email review updates to your Partner.If Google takes more time(mora than 1 day) to update your review,RiseMyApp send those apps to your Review Confirm List in your Account to confirm the reviews.You must confirm reviews for those Apps within 3 days to get your review as valid review and counted as review given by you.If not After 3 days RiseMyApp send your app to RevertBack List of your Partner's Account,considering you have not given review to your partner in return.RiseMyApp is not responsible for your Partner's action.
If you are busy for more days first clear all your balance reviews(Partner Apps) if possible and Confirm apps in Review Confirm List,thenUnPublishyour Apps,By this you can prevent your apps from going to Revert Back List of your Partner's Account.When you are free again you can Publish your Apps and start Review Exchange
RiseMyApp is not focus on the large app developers having thousands of daily app downloads. Our service is targeted at small app developers who have good product but facing problem in promoting their valuable Stuff which can be done only through money to generate downloads and to get review.
Right now we support only Android.
No. At Present our platform supports free apps only.

We are not responsible for anything that may happen as a result of using RiseMyApp. RiseMyApp is to showcase your apps among Android developers and give each other honest reviews for their apps. You aren�t paying for reviews and you aren�t guaranteed 5 star reviews. Of course, we can�t control how Google enforce the rules, and you use RiseMyApp at your own risk.Please read the terms here !

Google Play Developer Program Policies
No. You can get reviews by reviewing other apps only. We do not enetertain paid reviews.
You can add all of your apps published in play store. Absolutely there is no limits.

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